Obaro Brits Gardening Day inspires gardening enthusiasts

“If you want to stay healthy, keep your fingers in the ground.” This was one of the messages conveyed to excited guests during the Obaro Brits Gardening Day on 30 September 2017. About 80 guests attended the day and were each inspired anew to work on their gardens.

One of the highlights of the Obaro Brits Gardening Day was J.J. van Rensburg from Garden World, who shared his knowledge with the guests during the day. J.J. is a household name in the gardening community and is a reliable source of gardening and plant tips. According to J.J. the perfect time for gardening is actually, believe it or not, in winter. “For example, when you plant in winter the roots of plants can develop in time for the growth spurt in spring. If you only plant in spring, roots do not have enough time to grow and the plant’s growth will be delayed. ”

J.J. did not care to share his knowledge with the guests and emphasized the correct application of gardening products. According to him, a garden full of life is ideal and the unnecessary use of harmful products can hamper the biodiversity of gardens. “Frogs in a garden means that it’s a healthy garden.” J.J. also went on and encouraged the guests to inspire their children from childhood to develop a love for gardening. “There is so much in a garden that helps with a child’s balanced development. Gardens with different textures develop sight and feel. Plants like lavender and other herbs stimulate smell and taste. The insects and birds in gardens develop hearing and when a child sticks their hands into the ground, they build respect and love for nature.”

Obaro suppliers: Trubrands, Starke Ayres, Protek, Effekto and Makhro Home & Garden were also involved in the Obaro Brits Gardening Day. The vendors displayed their top products during the day and were available to answer the guests’ questions. Countryside Garden Centre, which provided the plants for transforming Obaro Brits into a paradise, also made several bargains available to the guests. In the spirit of the day, Obaro also launched several promotions on popular gardening products and also held lucky draws.

At the end of the Obaro Brits Gardening Day, the guests were eager to start working on their own gardens and create their own paradises.

Photo: The guests listen carefully to J.J. van Rensburg of Garden World, during the Obaro Brits Gardening Day.