Obaro Payroll Solutions

Why not outsource non-core and non-revenue producing activities like payroll administration and payroll compliance?

Obaro Payroll Solutions gives you more time to focus on strategic core business activities and competencies, whilst maintaining quality services and controlling costs.

Obaro’s Payroll Management and Processing Service provides you with:

  • Absolute confidentiality;
  • Compliance with relevant legislation;
  • Dedicated staff who will support and guide you through all the various payroll processes;
  • Protection against payroll fraud; and
  • Compliance with SARS’s complex payroll regulations.
The Service:
  • Total Payroll management;
  • Generating and issuing of electronic payslips;
  • Generating and issuing of IRP5 documentation;
  • Administration and management of your Pay as you earn payments; and
  • Annual Compensation Commissioner Assessments.