Obaro celebrates the opening of another Claas Mechanisation Division

The opening of Obaro’s third Claas Mechanisation Division was celebrated at Obaro Marble Hall on 23 July 2019.

Johan van den Heever, opened the proceedings with Scripture and prayer, after which Michael Howell from Kempston Agri, addressed guests. He used this opportunity to share the rich history of Claas and showcased the wide range of mechanisation equipment that the company currently offers.

The Mechanisation team from Obaro Marble Hall was also introduced during the function and there is no doubt that they, under the leadership of Louw Vellema (Business Manager, Obaro Marble Hall), will take the Claas Mechanisation Division to new heights.

Nic Bronkhorst, Managing Director of Obaro, talked about Obaro’s dream of being the farmer’s business on every farm. The legacy we leave for the younger generation – this was the focus of Nic’s message.

“We as a company have a responsibility to expand and develop the agricultural industry. At Obaro, we strive to support our country’s farmers and build a legacy with them for the next generation,” Nic said.