Brits Emerging Farmers Carcass Competition is one for the books!

Obaro Brits Emerging Farmers Carcass Competition took place on the 25th of September at the Obaro Brits branch. Farmers from all over North West, Limpopo, Gauteng and Mpumalanga came together to take part in the ultimate competition between cattle. A hundred and ten cattle from thirteen different farmers competed to be crowned as the On-the-hook Champion for 2019.

During the On-the-hoof judging the cattle’s physical appearance are assessed which includes overall condition, the cattle’s build as well as the muscle and fat distribution. The purpose of this is to determine which cattle will produce the best carcasses. This competition serves as a good benchmark for emerging farmers to determine if their cattle is in top condition and what they can do to improve their cattle’s health and nutrient for next year’s competition.

The Obaro Brits Emerging Farmers Carcass Competition consisted out of five classes: lighter than 380kg, 381-410kg, 411-440kg, 441kg-500kg and heavier than 500kg, also known as the Super Ox class. The winners of each class then compete against one another to determine the Single Champion and Reserve Single Champion of On-the-Hoof. Metsimantsi triumphant over its competitors and was awarded as Single Champion as well as Group Champion On-the-Hoof. Dr Molefi Motuku was awarded as Reserve Single Champion and Reserve Group Champion On-the-Hoof.

The experts who served as judges during the carcass competition was Ampie de Jager, Lucas Morake, Tanki Mokoena, Thea Pauley and Johan Berg.

The prize-giving ceremony took place on the 2nd of October. Farmers received feedback regarding their cattle and what they can do to improve their cattle’s growth, fat distribution and overall health as there was a couple of cattle that had diseases that could have been prevented during feeding time. The Single and Group Champion for On-the-hook was Mollystone, where Sereti Farm was the Reserve Single Champion. Sam Funani was the Reserve Group Champion for On-the-hook.

“This year’s carcass competition was a great turnout with the winner carcass getting 96 points at the SAIMIC judging. Although there is still a lot more improvement for our emerging farmers, the results speak for themselves. Every year we can see improvement and that is the important part of this carcass competition, that we always do better to come out on top – to be crowned the champion!” says Malan van der Merwe, Obaro Animal Production Manager.